WE – this is a “colourful bunch” of different age groups, educational levels, genders, strengths and knowledges. By now we have grown to a proud 103 employees (as of 01.04.2018) and the trend is still rising, because we are pursuing a common goal:

The revolution in technical documentation.

We work daily to optimize systems, processes and procedures, to develop new concepts and fill the information space with life. Hand in hand, for our customers, every day anew, fully motivated and with fun!

Figures, data, facts

Of course we are ONE big team DOCUFY, but since we split team sizes according to the number of pizzas (Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon), we now have twelve teams. Each team player takes care of his or her area of responsibility according to his or her strengths. How and when (i.e. early in the morning or rather late in the evening) is up to each individual – because working with responsibility and self-determination is highly motivating. And through the close coordination in our teams we achieve the best results for our customers.

The largest share – 75% – of our employees is to be found in our development division. Our project managers, consultants, software developers, quality managers and testers develop individual solutions for our customers. Our kernel guys and girls (Team COSIMA and TopicPilot) optimize and model our standard software. Our 103 employees are made up of 78 permanent employees and 25 working students.

On average, each of us is 34.5 years old (some of us are happy about this J) – with the largest number of employees (39) being our youngsters aged between 20-29.

The IT environment is traditionally dominated by the male gender, which is also (still) the case with DOCUFY, but we are already well above the average with a proportion of women of 32%.

What sets us apart

An open-minded approach to each other and a look beyond one’s own nose – these are values that are lived among us colleagues. It goes without saying that we treat each other as colleagues and support each other.  We appreciate our team events and also our “hiking day”. Here we can get to know each other in a completely different way, even the partners of our colleagues. Of course the fun at work should not be missing – let’s just mention Nerf Guns, Kicker, basketball tournaments, world cultural heritage run, uvm. The family-friendly working hours and other organisational conditions recently earned us the award as a “family-friendly company” from the Bavarian Family Pact.

Go Team DOCUFY go!
Why not just shoot down your colleague with nerf arrows?

Our customers expect the best solutions, with flexible framework conditions – and we do our best every day to meet our customers’ goals and our own goals!


How you can become part of it: Working at DOCUFY

Due to increasing customer orders, we are regularly looking for reinforcements. The age of digitization and the associated new product ideas and customer requests are constantly opening up new opportunities and positions at DOCUFY. If you are interested in exciting developments, are looking for a family atmosphere and would like to be actively involved in revolutionising TechDOK, then apply to us! You can find more information about us and our vacancies at www.docufy.de/en/career

We look forward to hearing from you!


Dive into the cold water – with COSIMA go! Getting started completely without chattering teeth

Meister Strömungstechnik GmbH has been working with COSIMA go! since 2009. Based on the positive experience, it was soon became clear that the use of the CCMS would be expanded in the company. To this end, additional employees from different areas of the company are involved, who support the technical editing department.

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New in COSIMA: IGEL – the integrated callout editor

Explaining complex issues in a simple way – often a very difficult task. Images can help illustrate what you want to say. Because you know: A picture says more than a thousand words! Especially in technical documentation graphics are used to put things in a nutshell. The reference of the graphics to the descriptive text is important. These references are created using item lines and/or item numbers, the so-called callouts. With COSIMA Release 7.0 you now have an integrated callout editor at your disposal with which you can easily add position numbers to your images yourself.

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DOCUFY Layouter: create your own layouts

Imagine there is a change in corporate design at your company. Maybe the change is only a general attempt to optimize existing layouts. Maybe it entails a completely new corporate identity with a new logo and different colors. Or maybe your company has a new division that makes new products. Any change, no matter what kind, will have a direct impact on your technical documentation. The cover page needs to be redesigned, and the way headers and footers look will change – as will headlines, safety notices and warnings. It is practical when technical writers can make these layout changes themselves, without any programming skills or troublesome extra work.

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A day in the life of an editorial department

In 2015, the SIEMENS AG Locomotive Documentation department wanted to introduce a Component Content Management System (CCMS) to optimize its editorial process and chose COSIMA go! from DOCUFY. In this article, system administrator Tobias Zieringer describes the introduction of the system:

… I had only just arrived in the office when my mobile rang. The sales department wanted to know when the documentation for our new customer would be ready, oh, and they needed replies to the review comments from last week as soon as possible.

My colleague gave me a questioning look: “How will we have time to introduce a new CCMS? What are the aims of the new system? Should we choose an off-the-shelf product, or start from scratch? And how does publication configuration even work?”

“Enough questions, let’s just get started,” I replied: “There no such thing as the perfect moment!”

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Making space for information

DOCUFY Guest post for the doctima blog

Current trends like digitalization, industry 4.0, mobile computing, social selling and big data will influence the products of tomorrow and, ultimately, impact the future development of our entire society.
Technical documentation is not immune to these changes, of course. On the contrary – information is increasingly becoming the lubricant of our digital world, and who is better placed to provide it than the technical documentation sector? It now has a unique opportunity to leave behind its traditional wallflower image and become a major player in corporate structures.

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The most important department at the company

I have a dream: that technical documentation will become the most important department at a company.

When I presented this dream during my opening speech at our 2016 DOCUFY User Meeting, the audience was exhilarated. But we all know what the reality of today’s documentation work looks like. The technical documentation department rarely has a lobby on the management board and is viewed by many as a mere cost factor that needs to be kept at a minimum. I remember making a visit to a large producer of household appliances. The technical writer there had managed to invite her boss to a meeting about their content management system. He opened the meeting with the words: “I personally think that technical documentation is superfluous. We only have a documentation department because we are required to by law.”

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